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The Middle

As you know, we had chickens butchered a few weeks ago, and we will be getting new chicks tomorrow. As far as I can tell, we have told you the beginning and the end of the chicken cycle, but I … Continue reading


Of Mites and Hens

Yes folks, I CRACK myself up. Anyway, Eric got a call the other day from a stranger.  The stranger began the conversation with, “I got mites in my house.  Do you know how to get rid of them.”  Eric politely … Continue reading


Deer, deer, oh dear.

We have spent the last 9 months making our new 5 acres functional as an organic farm. Eric has built a brooding room for the chicks. He and Tim Gibbs have put up a greenhouse. He has tilled up soil … Continue reading

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A Call For Cartons!

We are finding ourselves at a shortage for egg cartons this week.  If you have clean, intact, cardboard dozen cartons you want to part with, please bring them to the Iowa City Farmers’ Market this Saturday.  We’ll take cartons for … Continue reading

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Farm chores and parenting

Eric and I both come from families with five children, and we are both the youngest. And the similarities stop there. Eric’s mother had five children in 7 years. Mine had five in 15 years. Eric’s mother was a single … Continue reading



I can’t believe it’s already 9:30 pm on Wednesday! The last 3 days have just flown by. Eric and Seth, as well as our neighbors Jeanne Cadoret and Bill Ellison spent Monday night wrangling chickens. This involves Eric climbing into … Continue reading

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It’s SFF quiz time

As promised, it’s the first SFF quiz. We will give two dozen pullet eggs to the first 3 parties who can identify all of the following correctly. I’m not looking for specifics, just let me know what kind of vegetable … Continue reading