About Us

We are Salt Fork Farms. We grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, and poultry for meat and eggs to feed our family, friends, and community. We strive to provide the most wholesome, nutritious, and delicious foodstuffs possible while maintaining a healthy relationship to the land and connecting others to the agrarianism that sustains them.

One Response to About Us

  1. Chris Grebner says:

    Hi there,
    A friend of mine, Melissa Schilling, gave me your information so I thought I would try and leave a note.

    I am originally from Iowa however recently moved back to the area after being in Portland, Oregon the last 3+ years. There I went to culinary school, worked in restaurants and with catering companies and really experienced first hand how important it was to have a strong relationship with the farms and the growers. The culture out there is very conducive to this.

    Anyway, I wanted to drop a line to see if I could come out for a visit and if you are hiring any help. I am very interested in learning and in very least would like to see your operation.

    Thanks for considering.

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