Eggs Whole Broilers Stewing Hens
Lettuce Radishes Turnips
Carrots Potatoes Onions
Peppers Eggplant Tomatoes
Squash Pumpkins Broccoli
Kale Cabbage Collards
Garlic Leeks Mustard greens
Shallots Beets Spinach
Cucumbers Basil Cilantro
Peas Greens of all kinds

We are also planning on planting small fruits this year, but don’t expect to yield much until 2012

2 Responses to Products

  1. Karen eicholtz says:

    So cool! I love the pics of Milo! Happy birthday#1! I gotta meet this Guy! Miss u all. Luv Aunt Karen

  2. Mike Menzel says:

    Awsome Eric, we really enjoyed the Farm and your hospitality this past Thanksgiving. Thanks for showing us around and giving me a shot at some of the farm chores. I have a friend who is interested in doing some of the same things you are doing there, here in N.C. He goes to our church and is wanting to start chickens and maybe some dairy too. He tried ducks but had some problems with the proper time to pluck them. Anyway I will point him toward your website so he can see. I will be in touch

    Thanks so much from uncle Mike and Aunt Ginny
    Huggs to Eve and Milo

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