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Getting the yard in shape and tending to the seedlings

The whole family spent last Sunday working on the yard and generally getting things into shape. We planted chives, lavender, calendula, sage, parsely, dill, nasturtiums, and sun flowers in some of our beds, and then did some work in the … Continue reading

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Greenhouse in Action!

We’ve moved many of our cooler season transplants into the new greenhouse from the Kroul farm. Some of the kohlrabi and lettuce got nipped by a few cold and wet days before they started heating their houses, but overall they … Continue reading


Greenhouse is Up!

Timmy, Seth, and I accomplished getting SFF’s first greenhouse up this past week. There are some details to complete, but once the weather permits, we will be transporting seedlings into the house until early to mid May. From there, they … Continue reading

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