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Eric Menzel: The Farmer

Chad Zahrt: The Partner

Adam Hudson: The Web Developer

14 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Julia Burton says:

    I am interested in teh CSA. Could you give me some information?

    • Eric Menzel says:


      Sorry for the delay. Still getting use to all this technology. If you are still out there, the CSA membership agreement is now on the website on the right hand side to download. If you have any questions, plesase email me. Thanks.

      • Mirna says:

        Eric is there an agreement available for the 2013 season?

        • saltforkfarms says:


          It is fine to use the 2012 agreement and alter the date. We are nearing the end of openings for the CSA this year, so if you would like to join, please do so soon. We will likely be filled up by the end of the week or early next week. Thanks for your interest and please let me know if you have any other questions.


  2. Charlotte Ruddy says:

    Hello there !! How do you do ?!
    My name is Charlotte and I’m
    greatly interested in working /
    learning apprenticing on a farm
    learning the life of growing food .
    Your family farm looks truly
    wonderful !! Any way you may
    be able to take on extra working
    hands ? Thank you kindly . Be well .
    Sincerely ,

  3. Paula Weistroffer says:

    Do you have any venue for me to purchase your wonderful eggs year-round, beyond the farmer’s market? If you are not at the Co-op or any other store/market, I would be willing to pick them up, if they are available. Thanks for your consideration.

    Paula Weistroffer

  4. saltforkfarms says:

    Hi Paula,

    Sorry for the delay in response. We have been out of town and are just getting back in the swing of things. We are at Deluxe Bakery every Saturday from 9-noon. We sell eggs, chicken, stew hens and chicken feet. You can also email us at [email protected] and place an order any time. We usually ask that you come to the farm to pick items up, but if Eric is running errands in town he may be willing to make a delivery.

    Thanks for your interest! We really appreciate it!

    Eve Menzel

  5. Nasseem says:

    Eve, I want a turkey…if there are still turkeys available to reserve….let’s chat!

  6. Karen says:

    omg, I know you guys are busy farming, but Mom makes me check your web page everyday, she is waiting on baited breath for you next blog. – Luv ya your sister. PS how are you distributing your turkeys? I have people who are interested. Since you don’t have many, I didn’t know if they were all sold already or not.

    • saltforkfarms says:

      Hi Karen! We will put a new post up tonight. Eric will offer the Turkeys out to our CSA members first. We will have some extra and will start taking reservations soon. Hope you are feeling well. love, eve

  7. Lois M. Rigdon says:

    Eric -Just read about you and Eve in the Radish, and was intrigued to learn of another Menzel! My dad was Paul Menzel & I grew up on a farm at Finchford, Iowa , near Janesville. My grandmother(maiden name Kuhlmann) emigrated from Germany when she was mid thirties & married Henry Menzel-they farmed near Shell Rock, IA. Any chance we might be related?
    Lois (Menzel) Rigdon Burlington,Ia

    • Hi Lois,

      Eric’s family is from St. Louis, and he moved to Waterloo in the late ’70’s. His dad’s name is Jon. I’ll try to get a bit more info out of him to see if in fact you all are related!


  8. Joanne Nelson says:

    I would like to sign up for your CSA this spring & summer.

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